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Look@your Books, we can work with any accounting package that you are currently using.  However, Look@your Books is a bookkeeping partner with MYOB and has recently gained certification in Xero an amazing revolutionary accounting product.


Xero has revolutionised accounting packages and has provided a package that is easy to use, is quick to enter and obtain data, is secure and available 24/7 where ever you have an internet connection.  No longer to you have to email or post your accountant a data file or spreadsheet. Your accountant can simply log on and see exactly where your accounts are at any given time even while you are using the file.  There are unlimited users and Xero offers a package to suit your size and budget, starting at just $20 per month for GST registered entities or $10 for those people running a business not registered for GST

Here is a summary of Xero and its benefits, and a couple of short movies for you to see how wonderful it is.

CLICK HERE to view XERO Software Summary

CLICK HERE to watch XERO Movie

Why not talk to a look@your Books consultant today to see how Xero could save you time and money. 


MYOB has been an old favourite of business for years and has many different layers of products to suit business owners.  Myob shas many different products for your business.

CLICK HERE to read MYOB Product Comparison

Why not talk to a look@your Books consultant today to see which MYOB product is best suited to your business.





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